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Riverton Project

The Riverton Project has historical and current information about our Riverton, NJ Victorian town.

Originally created by our 5th grade and other students in our school in 1998, we collated historical and current information about our town in the form of a timeline.

We gratefully acknowledge many local sources for our information and images, among them Betty B. Hahle, town historian, The Historical Society of Riverton and its Gaslight News and The Romance of Riverton, and the Riverton 4th of July Committee and its annual parade newsletter.

Many of the images in this timeline are digital reproductions of postcards provided as a service by one of our retired staff, John McCormick.

Click on the link below to see a slide show presentation for each town listed.

This is a dynamic web site! Watch for more student projects and more history of our town!

Palmyra Slide Show
Riverton Slide Shown