7th Grade WebQuest Project     

Riverton School


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You are a famous biologist specializing in the classification of living organisms. You want to better understand how humans relate to the other creatures found on earth. How are we similar? How are we different? You have always been amazed at how many different life forms exist on our tiny planet.

Your love of science has led you into this field where you describe and classify new creatures based on the five kingdoms of living things. Today, however, you have just learned that a group of third graders from Riverton School are coming to visit in two weeks. They will be touring your lab and asking many questions. They are particularly interested in your study of Invertebrates as that is part of their school work. You need to plan and prepare information to give them for their visit.

You will not be presenting this information, however, the class has asked that you and your fellow biologist provide them with information they can study on this group of animals. There are three tasks ahead of you, resulting in a final PowerPoint presentation the kids can take back to show others at their school.

You will need to pull together a large amount of information, deciding what is the most important for the students to learn. There are tools provided below as well as more details about your assignment. Now is a great time to show what you know about these Invertebrates in an interesting and informative way! Let's get started!



You and a fellow biologist will be working together. There are three main tasks to your assignment:

  • First, your job is to research the six types of invertebrates and collect information using a graphic organizer. Graphic Organizer (Word Document)
  • Second, you will create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of your findings. (Separate instruction on PowerPoint will be provided.)

Due Date: 

Organizer Due:  February 19, 2008

Power Point Due:  February 26, 2008

Presentations:  February 26th - 27th





To help you with your research, you will be using information available on specific websites. While you are encouraged to also use your text books and any other books/materials in your classroom, at the library or at home, these sites will provide you all that you need.

You'll first want to pull together all of the important information you'll need. Start with the graphic organizer, each of you should complete this form showing your own personal research. Once you have collected all of the information, as a team, decide what is most important and then how this information should be presented to your visitors. Remember to organize your information choosing the main points. Also, to make your presentation more interesting, graphics and pictures should be used.




Stinging Cells:







As you complete each task, show it to your teacher so he can track your progress. Your overall grade will be based on this Rubric.


Peer Evaluation Rating Form




The Invertebrate portion of the animal kingdom (Animalia) is very important to our ecosystem. Your research for this project should give you a better idea of a group of creatures, hundreds of thousands of them, that are found all over the world.