About Our School

Riverton School educates children from an integrated preschool through eighth grade. Children benefit from our strong emphasis on the basics combined with and enhanced by strategies to develop higher level thinking skills and cooperative personal skills.

Enriching instruction is provided by our vocal music teacher, fine arts teacher, physical education teacher, media specialist, computer teacher and Spanish teacher. In addition, sixth, seventh and eighth grade students may choose to participate in chorus.

Extracurricular activities are offered to all students in grades six through eighth. Sports included are field hockey, flag football, basketball, softball, kickball, volleyball, and cheerleading. Also, students may participate in safety patrol, the school newspaper, drama club, chess club, technology club, and student council.

Riverton parents are involved in their children’s education on an individual basis as well as collectively through the PTO. This organization is truly dedicated to our children.

The Board of Education members and staff work together with parents and community members to create a safe, motivating, learning environment with high expectations for the children we serve.


Mary Ellen Eck, Superintendent and Principal
[email protected]

Nikolas Vrettos, Business Administrator/School Board Secretary
[email protected]

Rosemary Eifert, Administrative Assistant to the Business Administrator

[email protected] 

Administrative Assistants:

Michele Farr   x150
[email protected]

Jeanne Paulsen  x151
[email protected]